Information Architecture, Web Design


  • Jamie Y.


1 week


Build a prototype for a website that will drive sales and expand customer base.
Corner Toy Store is a retailer of toys, games, and magic tricks who has successfully focused on traditional toys for the past 30 years in their brick and mortar store, and now offer a full range of new and vintage products to appeal to children and adults alike. They also specialize in sourcing the most cherished items from everyone’s childhood, making long-forgotten things available today.

They would like to creating an online space to sell their products to expand their business by reaching a wider audience through the web.


  • Stakeholder Interview was held at kickoff to discuss the business model, project budget, brand guidelines, and business goals. 
  • Card Sorting (both open and closed) provided insights to different mental models of potential customers. 
  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis of other online stores revealed successful and unsuccessful models on online retail.


3 personas were provided by the stakeholders, and I chose to prioritize one as the primary persona to accommodate for the short timeline. The persona was selected based on how many of his needs aligned with both business goals. 

Based on user insights and the findings from market research, I chose design elements that would not only answer to the user’s pain points, but also fulfill their wants and values.


Information Architecture: needs to take into account multiple mental models

Customers seek opinions of both experts and people "like me."

Copy/Content: use familiar language to avoid confusion.

Users tend to overlook the search bar and opt to browse for products.


Create a prototype that:

  • Has multiple entry points for products to accommodate different mental models
  • Has a prominent search bar
  • Offers sorting/search control and flexibility for the user
  • Conveys trust, quality, and authenticity 
  • Is easy to maintain for owner


  • Site Map
  • Storyboards
  • Low-Fidelity Wireframes